Pension Hoffmann
Na Dolnici 966/35, 155 00 Prague 5


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Single room

700 CZK

28 EUR

Double room

1000 CZK

40 EUR

Three bedroom

1260 CZK

51 EUR

Price of the room includes VAT, fees, secure private parking and WiFi connexion.
Optional breakfast is available for additional 100 CZK / 4 EUR.
We accept the cash payment only.

If your stay exceeds 6 nights we offer you the 7th night for free


Pension HOFFMANN is situated in quiet and green residential area of Prague 5 - Stodulky :

  • close to the end of Nurnberg - Pilsen - Prague highway / motorway

  • 15 minutes from center of Prague by metro (subway/underground)

  • 20 minutes from the Prague Castle by bus NO. 174 from the bus top "Nova Kolonie"

  • 100 m from a restaurant and supermarket

Every room is standard furnished with:

  • shower, WC

  • local TV

  • WiFi for your notebook - gratis

  • secured parking space - gratis


                                    Our accommodation costs include all fees, and moreover, they include an "extra package of services" :

                                        1. Safe parking of your car
                                        2. WiFi connection of your notebook to the internet
                                        3. Information, recommendation, cautions:

                                            - Basic Information about Prague
                                            - Info, advice and important cautions for foreign guests
                                            - Brief info: weather, events, situation in the Czech Republic
                                            - Most attractive tourist sites out of Prague
                                            - Safe travelling in Prague for lowest prices
                                            - Exchange offices with best rates of exchange
                                            - Which restaurants will not force you to pay 10 per cent surcharge for "services" or "couvert"; on contrary, their owners
                                               will offer you an extraordinary 20 per cent discount because you are accommodated in our guesthouse.
                                            - Which restaurant in the historical centre of Prague will offer you the great Czech beer "Pilsner Urquel in highest quality and lowest price

                                        4. Services:

                                             - Reservations of tickets: opera, balet, theatre
                                             - Reservations of seats in restaurants
                                             - Car hire at lowest rates; car delivery / handing over direct in our guesthouse
                                             - Reservation of Prague tours with a foreign language guides

                                              We speak French, English, Russian, Czech and Slovak

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